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Venezuela After Chavez: Can the Bolivarian Revolution Survive? and other discussions

San Diego Socialism
Thu Mar 7 2013 6:00pm
City Heights Recreation Center - 4380 Landis St.

Join us for this discussion, based in part on the ISO's connections with revolutionaries inside Venezuela who have been working for several years as part of the Marea Socialista current, whose goal is to radicalize Chavismo from within.

Other topics include:

Our participation in the May 1st Immigrant Rights actions
Working Group break-outs (Justice for Victor Ortega, Free Private Manning, SDSU Organizing, Immigrant Rights)

We often go out to dinner afterwards - all are welcome!

The Revolutionary Resolutions Party - A CERSC Fundraising Event by the San Diego Branch of the International Socialist Organization

San Diego Socialism
Sat Jan 26 2013 6:00pm
1635 Robinson Avenue, San Diego 92103

Join us for an evening of camaraderie, conversation, and clarity as we celebrate famous speeches and revolutionaries of the past while contributing to a bright future of education and outreach for the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, the non-profit organization responsible for Haymarket Books, the International Socialist Review, the annual Socialism Conference and Eat and drink while listening to the amazing power of the spoken word! 

$10 @ The Door • $25 Solidarity Rate  

(No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

RSVP on Facebook


ISO Education Meeting: "History of the Palestinian Resistance"

San Diego Socialism
Thu Jan 10 2013 6:00pm
City Heights Recreation Center - 4380 Landis St.

"...The Palestinians simultaneously face a number of difficult obstacles: Israel's brutal repression, unconditional US political and military support for Israel, betrayals and repression by the PLO itself, and maneuvers by pro-US Arab regimes to end the Intifada before other Arab workers begin to emulate it.
"Although formidable, these obstacles are not insurmountable. But in order for the Palestinians to overcome them, a mass movement needs to be built across the Arab world to challenge both US imperialism and the Arab regimes backed by it. Such a movement could provide the necessary political and economic support for the Palestinians to challenge Israel.
"The success of any mass movement in challenging the US and the Arab regimes and supporting the Palestinians against Israel is linked to the question of building a socialist alternative in the Arab world. The case for this alternative starts from the realization that Arab workers, who produce all the oil and wealth in the area, have to fight for real, democratic control over society in order to rid themselves of the miserable conditions imposed by the ruling Arab regimes and the United States.
"But a socialist alternative in the Arab world would have to learn from the mistakes of an older generation of radicals that looked to Stalinist Russia and certain "progressive" Arab regimes such as Syria and Iraq, as models for social change. This means rejecting the compromises with Zionism of the PLO; looking to the struggles of ordinary people in Palestine against Israel; recognizing that solidarity with the Arab working classes, not negotiations is the way to stop Israel; and fighting for a secular and democratic Palestine based on equality between Arabs and Jews.
"Building a socialist alternative in the Arab world, especially in Palestine, requires clarity on a number of key political questions. Why did the PLO surrender to Israel and Washington? Whose class interests does the PLO represent? Why did many Palestinians turn to Hamas? What happened to the Palestinian left, the Popular and Democratic Fronts for the Liberation of Palestine? Why does the left tail Arafat's policy? Is it really necessary (or realistic) to look to the struggles of Arab workers as the way to liberate Palestine?
"These questions cannot be properly answered without a reexamination of the history of the Palestinian national liberation movement, especially of the rise and fall of the PLO and the Palestinian left. Such a reexamination is necessary to achieve theoretical clarity for those of us who want to continue to resist both Israel and US Imperialism. This essay hopes to make a small contribution to that goal."

Exerpted from Mostafa Omar in "The Palestinian national liberation movement: A socialist analysis," published in The Struggle for Palestine, Haymarket Books.

ISO Education Meeting: Spontaneity and Organization

Occupy Wall Street
Thu Nov 15 2012 6:00pm
Headquarters Cafe, 58th and El Cajon (this week only)

We will be discussing the article "Spontaneity and Organization" by Jennifer Roesch in the Sep-Oct 2012 issue of International Socialist Review. It's not available online yet, so get a copy from Chuck as soon as possible, or read the attached pdf!

Socialist Worker Forum: They say justified...we say homicide! Stop police brutality

Stop Police Brutality
Fri Aug 24 2012 6:00pm
City Heights Rec Center

Incidents of police violence are increasing across the country, especially in communities of color. The murder of unarmed victims, the criminalization of youth, the crack-down on protests, and the militarization of poor and working class communities is becoming normalized. Join the International Socialist Organization as we host a forum on why this has become the new normal and what can we do to stop it while building a movement to get justice for the victims. 

Education and Capitalism

Education and capitalism
Tue Apr 10 2012 6:00pm
SDSU Arts and Letters Room 101

Co-author of Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation, Sarah Knopp, will speak on her new book.

RSVP on Facebook here:

How Revolutionaries Build Mass Movements: Trotsky and the United Front

Study Group
Sun Apr 1 2012 1:00pm
UCSD Social Sciences Building 101

 A Dayschool Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization

Session 1: The Theory of the United Front
Trotsky, "On the united front" (
Riddell, "German workers and the birth of the united front" (
Trotsky, "For a Workers' United Front Against Fascism" (

Session 2: United Front vs. Popular Front
Trotsky, "The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning" (

Barrio Sherman Meeting: The New Jim Crow

Fri Mar 23 2012 6:00pm
Sherman Heights Community Center, 2258 Island Ave.

 Join us for a discussion about The New Jim Crow, the prison-industrial complex and other institutions that enforce racism in modern society.

Barrio Sherman Meeting: The Historic Origins of Racism

Fri Mar 16 2012 6:00pm
Sherman Heights Community Center, 2258 Island Ave.

 How did racism develop? Has racism always been around? How is racism used in society? Is racism an essential part of Capitalism, or can we use reform to do away with it? What are the differences of the many theories of racism? What are the different views on the Left concerning racism and how to overcome it? Come and discuss as we take up these questions and many more.

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